Discussion Forums

LFHC has begun setting up a second forum which will initially focus on promoting links between co-ops to allow members to either exchange properties or transfer between co-ops so active members can remain housed within the movement, even if their needs and circumstances have changed.


At present co-ops who wish to post advertisements for vacancies need to contact us to be invited to join. Visit: London Fed Co-op Allocations Forum

LFHC has a discussion forum to promote discussion about all things related to people who take control of their own living space. Whether it is ways of taking on more responsibility for where you live, or planning to build more housing in your community on a not-for-profit basis, there will be someone else who has been there.

Visit: http://coopdiscussionforum.lfhc.org.uk

Unfortunately, while old posts can still be seen, new posts are no longer possible as we lost the fight against spam and the database is broken.