Training Programme for 2002




Working Assertively (Women)

FA002RL002 Saturday 20th April

Local Association Secretary (2 days)


Health & Safety (stage1)

(2 Days)

BG002RL002 Tuesday 30th April (Day 1)

Friday 28th June (Day 2)


School Reps (Stage 1)

(2 Days)

AF002RL002 Tuesday 11th June (Day 1)

Wednesday 12th June (Day 2)

Working Assertively
FA001RL002 Monday 24th June (Day 1)

Tuesday 25th June (Day 2)

Health and Safety (Stage 2) AC001RL))1 Tuesday 2nd July (Day 1)

Wednesday 3rd July (Day 2)

Constructive Negotiation
(Stage 3)
AG001RL002 Thursday 11th July (Day 1)

Friday 12th July (Day 2)


This list is regularly updated, but should it appear out of date, please follow this link


School Health and Safety Representatives: Stage 1

This course is ideal for the NASUWT safety representative who has received no previous training. It will help you become an effective guardian of members’ health, safety and welfare. It covers: basic health and safety law; the statutory rights given to health and safety representatives; health and safety inspections; and a number of common school health and safety issues. The course is organised in two parts to give participants an opportunity to conduct their own inspections.

School Health and Safety Representatives: Stage 2

This course is intended for NASUWT Health and Safety Representatives who have completed stage 1 training. The course covers health and safety legislation in more detail and the principles of risk assessment. There is considerable opportunity for practical research into typical health and safety problems, under the guidance of experienced tutors. It is an essential course for those who wish to become fully informed and effective safety representatives.

NASUWT Governors

There has never been a time before when governing bodies had so much power over the lives of teachers. This course offers teachers who serve on governing bodies (either as teacher governor or in any other capacity) the opportunity to learn how the law applies to the composition and operation of school governing bodies in England and Wales and how to operate effectively within a governing body.

The course is offered over two days separated by several weeks to ease problems of release.

Constructive Negotiation: Stage 3

This is a very practical course in the theory and practice of negotiation. Participants learn how to prepare effectively for negotiation, how to deal with the "other side", how to recognise a "good deal" and when to walk away. In between there is plenty of opportunity for participants to pit their wits individually and collectively against colleagues in negotiating situations. Full of useful information and good fun too!

Casework (Stage 4) (2 Days)

This is a new course for very experienced NASUWT Caseworkers. By a mixture of simulation, presentation and discussion participants will deal with a very complex and serious issue on behalf of a fictional member. In the process, caseworkers will examine the nature of difficult decisions that have to be made, how to use procedures effectively and how to access the Union’s legal services in appropriate cases.


School Representatives: Stage 1

This course is designed for NASUWT representatives, at all levels, who have no previous training. The course has been rewritten recently and is now modular in structure. The approach is very practical throughout and includes: Conditions of Service; Rights and Facilities; Equal Opportunities; Discipline, Grievance and Capability procedures; and Representation of Members. It is the first step on the ladder to becoming a more effective trade union representative

Working Assertively

This popular course will give you greater confidence at work and within the union. The course is supportive and enjoyable as well as bringing real benefits, through development of assertiveness skills and the ability to communicate confidently and directly with others. Courses are run as women-only and mixed groups.

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